PDAs – precious or painful?

Okay, I’m not going to sit here and get all hypocritical on yo’ ass by saying that I wouldn’t indulge in a little public-style affection if i had my very own Chuck Bass swooning over me. I’d probably rape his face in every 4 square foot arena that would have me – the boy is fine after all (and fucking loaded to boot – yippee!)

But that doesn’t mean epic Public Displays of Affection aren’t super annoying to watch. Now everyone that knows me, knows that i get a bit of a bee in my bonnet about this relationship sappy stuff because I’m a bitter cynic, fully cured after just one long-term relationship, bla bla bla. And while some things in that sentence may ring true – I know I’m not alone in the endless suffering that comes to people that have to endure these ever-spreading, never-ending, show-stealing affections.

I mean, we get that you’re in looove – either that or your just way too toey to wait until you get home – but for the love of all things lavender, can’t you just do us a favour and wait until you’re behind closed boudoir doors?! I mean, a little is cute – i actually adore a couple that shares a smooch before they part from each other – but the making love by the lamp post? It just really doesn’t turn me on. Maybe it annoys me because everyone just seems to be one half of a pair these days – like we’re not happy unless we have a mate. Even if that partner isn’t perfect, it’s gotta be better than being alone, right?

I’d say wrong – like really wrong even.

But couple compatibility is a whole other blog my friends. Yep – today it’s all about the PDA and my ‘had it up to here’ attitude that seems to spring everytime i see a Ramsey Street style 20-something couple playing tonsil hockey outside the cafe where all i want is to keep my fucking morning cappuccino down, without gagging it all down my dress. Okay, i’m being harsh, I get it – they’re technically allowed to mate in the street (kind of) – but do they not stop and think about all the miserable people that are probably just getting over someone they loved, just trying to unleash their angst with a latte and then have to watch a show they never bought tickets to? (Don’t get me wrong – I’m in no way saying that I’m one of those people. Although it’s nice to have someone, sometimes I’m quite happy with the single life thank you very much!) You may think that last comment about the unhappy people was silly, but with one in three (some people say one in two) marriages ending in divorce and more relationships ending than beginning each day, don’t you think the majority of people want to slap the shit out of these PDA-preferring people with their own heart-shaped cookies, than smile and nod approvingly? Mmmm… me thinks yes.






What do you think of PDAs?

Do you agree with all my friends that I’m just a bitter cynic?

You’re one of those couples, aren’t you!?