Are you suffering from Sunday Night Syndrome?

Forget Post Natal Depression – this is the real deal people. (That’s a total joke by the way – geez man, think of the children!)

Sunday Night Syndrome claims the sanity of many a guy and girl on a weekly basis. It’s a horrible disease that plagues our lives, and turns a night of potentially great television into bundles of mascara-stained pillows and bruised chins from holding our legs so close to our bodies as we rock back and forth with our pins tucked up in a lonely and depressing motion.

Seriously, it doesn’t matter if you’ve just split with a beau, or if you just need a pair of arms wrapped around your middle on

The new vibrator? Or a lonely woman's essential?

this cold week night (maybe you’d do well to assist in this awesome pillow invention i stumbled across then? Check to the right) we’ve all suffered from SNS at some point – and why wouldn’t we? Not only is it an indication that the weekend is over and Monday is literally just hours from rearing it’s ugly head, it’s also the night when all of your smitten couple friends are off being cradled in the arms of their significant others over take-out Thai and the latest episode of Jersey Shore. And don’t even think about it – there’s no room for a third wheel on a Sunday night my sweets.

Seriously, why is this night so depressing? It’s the night that we most want a partner – even if in reality, in the harsh light of day, a ball and chain is the thing we desire least in this world. This was proven just today at a seminar on Online Engagement that I (in my beauty gig hat) attended. There was a speaker from – the online dating giant. Who confirmed that Sunday evenings, between 7pm and 10pm, pulls the largest amount of members over any other day in the week – not even by a little, by a shit load in fact.

There’s a simple explanation. It’s date night. You’ve partaken in your partying for the week, heck, you’ve even indulged in an English style fry-up to wash down those Vodka Red Bulls you know you overdosed on, and Sunday night is perfect to squeeze in some soppy movie and snuggle time with your significant other – ahh, bliss. Oh, unless of course you don’t have a significant other – in which case it’s a pretty shitty night to be on your own, hungover as fuck and not entirely sure what it was that you said to your ex during that epic drunk dial episode the evening before. It’s a slithering snake that Sunday night – isn’t it?

Here are my tips to get through a bad case of SNS:

– Keep busy. Locking in dinners with fellow single girlfriends will ensure your mind is kept off of how un-funny it is to watch The Hangover on your own, again.

– Get a hobby. I find that my blog is my perfect Sunday Night saviour. I simply delve into the slippery relationship deaths and bring you guys the 411 without ever thinking about the lack of hunky arms around me, keeping my head perched straight.

– Make Sunday Night Online Shopping Night. Seriously, I waste so much time trawling through asos, Topshop and ebay at work that it’s definitely got to be the perfect time waster on a lonely Sunday evening – when you actually should be on scouring fashion land for the goods. (Sorry if you’re reading this Boss Lady.)

– Or, you could always just insist that you don’t need a guy or a date on a Sunday evening to feel complete – and power to you lady, you’re one step ahead of the rest of us – that’s for damn sure.





Are you often a Lone Ranger on a Sunday eve?

Do you get a wee bit upset if you don’t have a cuddle buddy?

Do you wish I would quit relying on bloody men so much and pull my finger out? Geez, way harsh guys.