When it comes to love, is timing everything?

Just like a seriously life-shattering breakout right before that guy’s party – the formation of a fully fledged relationship and ridiculously deep feelings for someone can be just as untimely. How so? Let me break it down real quick.

How many times have you begun something with a person, started to really like them and think to yourself “Jesus Christ, this guy/girl is amazing, but I’m just so young – if only I’d met (insert amazing person name) in like five years!” Seriously, it’s happened to me twice thus far, and umpteen times to my girlfriends. We’re all guilty of being a little self indulgent in our late teens, early 20s – because god knows, if we can’t put ourselves first at this age, when can we? I don’t want you to get it twisted… often just because this person we meet is totally freaking amazing, doesn’t mean we’re ready to put our single selves on the shelf, alter everything and tidy up the place that is our lives to make adequate space for them.

We can’t be blamed for wanting to thoroughly make full use of our youth, being irresponsible and free-spirited (and perhaps a tad promiscuous, hey, we don’t talk bullocks at NQC!) And it just kind of sucks when that perfect person waltzes (or sambas) into our lives prematurely, you know, before we’re really ready for them.

Take my friend right now, we’ll call her Jay. Jay has met a guy who she is one smitten kitten over. I mean this cat seriously meows whenever she sees her new squeeze. He’s cute, a wee bit younger (hey, don’t diss a little cougar action – it’s good for the soul) and seriously into her. From what I gather the sex is great too – and she’s having the time of her life.

The only annoying part? She’s not quite ready for it yet. As much as she likes him and as deep as she’s falling, she only got out of her previous relationship a couple of months ago, I’m talking single digit months (like under 10 man!), and she’s a little freaked to be jumping into something so – well, relationship-py straight away. She’s also off overseas next year, and she’s not so sure that they are the kind of coupling that can handle the long distance dance.

She complains to me that she wishes she had of met this cub “in like five or six years”. And I tells ya, it would be amazing if we could just order in a delicious man serving whenever we damn well please, but the truth is that we have to take these things as they come – and if we don’t seize an opportunity when it presents itself, we may just lose out on that potentially amazing, life-altering somebody, for absolutely nothing, yadig? (Geez – when did I get so deep man?)

So my question, amazing readers, is this…

How do you know when it’s right to take a chance on someone amazing, even though it’s not in ‘the plan’, or your simply not quite ready for that level of commitment? (because you know these amazing things only rock up when you’re not looking for them right?) I know, it’s bordering on bullshit!