Is distance the key to a great relationship?

You wouldn’t necessarily think so – but a couple of people I know that do the long distance thing, happen to be some of the happiest and most appreciative couples I know – with the highest phone bills (but hey, you win some, you lose some eh?)

If you’re old enough to score a vodka sunrise without nicking your older sibling’s ID, then odds are you’ve been in a relationship where you’ve really liked someone at first and then just sort of gotten over it. It’s not great is it? You’re so excited to be with this amazing person at first and then gradually, after spending so much time with that person, becoming somewhat set in a routine and beginning to see a few more bad traits than good – you just don’t feel the same anymore. These people become expendable, they’re always there – so no-one has to try very hard to keep it alive.

This is where it differs for long-distance relationships. The union can only be as successful as you want it to be. That is, how much effort you choose to put in. You have to be committed to regular phone conversations, as well as keeping up with all the technology – yep, get used to facebook and skype becoming you’re two new best friends. And although I know that all seems utterly exhausting, these couples are often so much more successful than your run-of-the-mill-just-five-minutes-down-the-road lovers.

It’s because every so often there’s a climax. It could be compared to a very good lovemaking session actually. There’s a giant build-up and something to look forward to (to when you get to see them in person again), the waiting is agonising because you just want the end to be near, and when the day finally does arrive that you get to see your lover, it’s like fireworks, utter ecstacy. Having this experience a couple of times a year is amazing. There’s constantly something you’re looking forward to. You miss them so much that it hurts you, but it’s so worth it when you finally get to see them again that the pain feels like nothing. It’s like the highs and lows of a really great drug – and hey, I’d rather that than to be placid and boring all the time, wouldn’t you?

Think about it, couples that live apart don’t tend to get irritated by those annoying characteristics or habits that we all have. They only tend to concentrate on the great points, so your lover is always painted in a slightly more positive light than if you were living with your beau, watching him leave the toilet seat up, not wash up, burp and act boy-ish… And the best part is, as soon as your rendezvous are over, you have a whole other thing to look forward to – being the next time you get to see them. So really, the high never actually goes away. Cool eh?





Do you think distance is the key to a great, long-lasting relationship?

Have you ever done long-distance?

Are you so love sick that you’re wondering if half an hour away passes as long distance? Short answer, no. You love sick puppy you.