It’s all on the ladies…

Now I don’t mean to give off the feminist/eternal lesbian vibe (ahem, Girl Power man!), nor do I want to make this some horribly cliche safe sex lecture (wrap your tools boys! Sorry, couldn’t help myself!) but it seems to me that women these days in general are shouldering more than their fair share of the responsibility when it comes to sex and the many varied repercussions.

Take one of my girlfriends for instance, who began an intimate relationship with a guy she’d come to like very much, The ‘relations’ had started to become pretty regular pretty quickly, and once when they were caught without protection, she asked why he hadn’t made the trip for some of Four Season’s finest, he replied with “well, why don’t you just go on the pill?”

It seems like a pretty harmless question, eventually that probably would have been the track to venture down, but possibly when they’d become more than just a shag. Girls often make the choice to go on the pill when they’re truly comfortable with their partner and it’s been longer than oh, let’s say a month? Not only did my friend have no idea of this fellas sexual history, but she felt that she shouldn’t have to up and change her cycle and take on the daily responsibility of the pill, for a guy who can’t be arsed to pick up condoms and who quite frankly could be shagging half of the state. Why should it be her that shoulders the responsibility? If it’s not on, it’s not on dude – we don’t know where you’ve been!

The same sense of responsibility is prominent in another girlfriend of mine, who has what I like to think of as the ‘abortion fund.’ It sounds kind of heinous, but this particular girlfriend is incredibly career-driven, and can’t see a bouncing bub in her plans anytime soon – but as she is quite the fan of a good time, she realises that sometimes shit does in fact happen. The fund is around $500 that she keeps in her bank account ‘in case of emergency’, that is, if she gets knocked up and needs a quick fix. She never lets her bank account get below that amount, just in case. I don’t know whether that’s extremely sensible, or kind of unfair. Surely it takes two to tango, and any self-respecting male would support a girl’s choice if they were ever presented with that situation? (And if he wouldn’t, well he shouldn’t be doing the horizontal dance in your bed you naughty so and so’s!) That means going halvsies, and splitting the responsibility. I mean, isn’t what girls have to go through heinous enough? Surely we shouldn’t have to completely go it alone? But yes, I’m not naive enough to know that sometimes we definitely do.

So, if all that the fellas have to worry about to have a good time is picking up a packet of ‘good time gadgets’ then surely that’s not too much to ask, when the Bigger Picture things (I’m talking the pitter patter of little feet, STDS etc) can be so easily avoided eh?





Who do you think should shoulder the safe sex responsibility?

Do you believe in the power of condoms?

Are you a risk taker? As in no protection? That is soooo naughty!!