Forget Dita, it’s all about Christina.


Myself and a couple of the beauty media had the pleasure of attending a special sneak-peek screening of the above flick last week, and I am immeasurably pleased to announce that it wasn’t nearly as cringe-worthy to sit through as I’d anticipated. In fact, I didn’t squint once. Okay, maybe once. But I definitely didn’t chortle in disgust. Which I’m pleased about.

I strongly believe that snaps should be given where they’re due – and I want to take this as my opportunity to give Miss Aguilera an extremely large, well-intentioned pat on the back. She’s one bub down and still looks more amazing in nothing but a string of pearls around her ‘Britney’ than girls half her age. And that voice? Well, my goosebumps had goosebumps. She was unshakingly amazing. Her Burlesque performances rivaled that of her Dirrty days, which I thoroughly enjoyed. (I do rather love the slightly skankier side of anyone it seems!)

And Cher, well – what. a. legend. She played the part of Burlesque club owner/ sometimes star of the show/ hard-hitting mother hen to the dancers like a dream. Her voice was just as amazing as ever too. It felt as though you went on a emotional roller coaster ride with her, and I didn’t scream once. She was an old-school legend who loved that Burlesque club more than any man, any money – she lived and breathed it, and you could sense her sincerity through the screen. I just wanted to sell my car and give her a loan for Christ’s sake!

But, the real star of the show would have to be the guy to the right here, Cam Gigandet. You may remember him from such roles as badass blonde vamp James in Twilight and Marissa’s fucking hot boy Volchok in The O.C. But the drop dead gorgeous dude plays smooth, eye-liner wearing barman Jack in Burlesque. Who is instantly taken with Christina, but is tied to a long-distance lover – however, this doesn’t stay in the way for long. This guy is every woman’s dream. His office may have the ‘Best view on the Sunset Strip’ (and no, i’m not talking Ocean views) but he doesn’t seem to be that interested in the boobs and butt he’s faced with on a daily basis. Huh, do such men exist? Anyway, i fell head over heels very quickly. I’ve gotta get me some sexy barman, stat!

Also snaps to Kristen Bell for playing Christina’s bitchy nemesis, and almost succeeding to make me hate her. It’s a welcome change from the peachy keen jelly bean roles she’s used to playing! Yaknow?






Do you have a thing for hunky male, eye-liner wearing bartenders too?

Do you want to believe Christina still has it?

Are you going to hand over a tenner to catch this?