How do you say love?

A very close friend of mine, who has been mentioned more than once in my blogging repertoire slapped me with a rather gob-smacking question recently. “Listen Olivia, you bloody smartypants, blogger know-all. How do you even define love? Because I’m pretty sure you don’t even have a good handle on the word or its meaning!”

Obviously I scoffed and rolled my eyes with a prompt “What do you know Joey? Of course I know what love means,” before slightly hesitating about the fact that I was definitely going to have to follow up with an answer. I muttered something along the lines of love being the feeling when you care so much about someone that you actually can’t bear to be apart from them. Being so passionate about someone and being their best friend too. And although I was fairly pleased with that off-the-cuff response, Joey wasn’t so much.

He does tend to disagree with many of my theories on love, sex and relationships a lot of the time, arguing that I’m too cynical for my own good, and something along the lines of me being my own worst enemy when it comes to love. So I wasn’t really surprised at his shooting down of yet another one of my speculations. But it got me to thinking about how different people define ‘love’. And ultimately, when someone says ‘I love you’, does it mean something completely different to you than it does to them? I wonder, what are the common themes in loving someone? Do you only see them? Respect them? Can’t live without them? I definitely know couples who only tick a couple of those boxes, maybe even just one. Does that mean they’re not actually in love? Or does every couple have their very own definition of love? It’s a bit of a head fuck isn’t it?

Joey would probably say I make it that way by analysing things too closely, but I guess it’s just purely in my nature to question everything that I’m meant to believe (hey, it makes for a good read, no?). And – this is to you, Joey –  just because I’m not a straight-up believer, definitely doesn’t mean I don’t want to be proven wrong about love by some tall, brooding Channing Tatum-type – I’m just not holding my breath is all!





How do you say love?

That is, what does the word ‘love’ mean to you?

Did you shout “LUV” at the screen when you read the title too?