‘Tis the season to be single

There’s something in the air this week, (and it’s not just the scent of succulent Christmas pud) and I don’t know if it’s just because everyone wants to get their frisky festive-season selves kicked into gear, or whether the whole world has just shat itself, but everyone seems to be breaking up lately. It’s total bedlam.

Take Ryan Reynolds and ScarJo for instance. One of the sweetest and most aesthetically pleasing couples in the world – it’s actually an injustice that some poor little Hollywood tot won’t get to do laps in that gene pool.

Besides being good looking, the pair seemed to really prefer keeping themselves and their love private, rather than flashing about together at a trillion red carpet events and practically asking for a deal-breaking headline. I’m not sure what went wrong, but half of me wishes for them to fix it, whilst the other half would trade every single one of my family members to have RR knock at my door and confess his undying love for me – go figure. (I mean just look at that cute little face, it’s like he’s saying “yes guys, it is over with ScarJo, but i’m still available for you?”)

Then, the next bombshell – Megan Gale and Andy Lee. UM. WTF!? They were the cutest couple I have ever clapped eyes on. It’s classic beauty and the beast, except the beast is a kind of lanky, goofy, shaggy-haired boy instead of a temperamental animal. (Okay, perhaps Beauty and the Geek is a better analogy?) Anywho, i’m majorly bummed about this one. I truly admired Megs for turning down every big-armed, bulging-pecced idiot that winked her way, and choosing real love with a real guy. Oh well, back to cynicism it is for me I guess.

Apart from those two major splits, Hollywood has had a few other relationships end. Take Christina and her now-ex Jordan Bratman. I never really saw the relationship happening in the beginning to be honest, I’ll be honest – he’s pretty heinous (Yes, yes i know that’s not everything! But it’s still something!) but then they sealed the deal with baby Max – only to still split. Moral? A baby aint no superglue for a relationship, yadig?

Then we’ve got Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgens. My opinion on this? Minimal. I mean, very minimal. Basically ever since i saw the naked photos of her i knew it was going to go tits up. He’s too squeaky clean for her (and me for that matter), and if she does have a skanky side, power to her. But she should find a boy that can keep up with you, not stroke her hair and weep all the time. Okay, so perhaps i made that last bit up, but don’t you think he looks like a crier? Eww.





Do you prefer to be single around the silly season?

Do you prefer to be one half of a twosome always?

Do you just want someone to bloody smooch under the mistletoe for Christ’s sake?