Hair envy. It’ll get you everytime.

Now I’ve never been the jealous type (unless you look at my boyfriend for too long, I’ll rip your cheap extensions out biaaaarch!!) Jokes – seriously though, good extensions are tres hard to find, I’d never rip them out – not even if you shagged him – that’s like blasphemy to the sisterhood yadig!

And although I’m not usually the jealous type, I did get a flutter of the green eyed monster when I clapped eyes on Isabel Lucas’ sun kissed ends at the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen premier. It’s not enough that she happens to be dating the boy half of Angus and Julia Stone, but this boho mofo also rocks the two-tone tresses like an absolute fucking dream. It makes me want to weep into my cereal. But I won’t – so you needn’t worry about the Rice Bubbles guys.

Great hair is about as hard to obtain as that purrrrfect LBD. (That’s Little Black Dress for all the big-armed boys scratching their heads as they read this), there’s always room for more body, more length, a better fringe or less chaos and more structure. The fact of the matter is, very few of us (celebrities included) can wake up with amazing-looking manes. The hard truth is it takes time and the right products to do your ‘do right. So it’s definitely worth investing in quality products that will improve the condition of your strands and in turn make them far easier to manage and style. Just sayin!

Special snaps also go to Erin McNaught in this recent pic – the milkmaid braid combined with the blonde-dipped balayage is like a dream. I’m literally drooling onto the keyboard. Okay, not really, that would be pretty gross dontchaknow.






What do you think of two-toned tresses?

What are your hair trend predictions from 2011?

How annoying are all the pretty pictures of famous celebs I keep posting? Really annoying eh?