When is it too little too late?

So, you’re probably wondering why I’ve got the plastics plastered atop this post? Well, i think there’s a very valuable lesson to be learned from Regina George and her gang of backstabbing skanks – it’s that sometimes people in your life aren’t who you think they are, they have the power to disappoint you greatly – and it’s how you deal with a sticky situation like that that helps to define you as a person.

Whether it’s a friend in your life that does the wrong thing by you, or that guy that just keeps making your life a misery – ’tis a wise person who can distinguish the right time to pull the plug and truly understand that after umpteen empty apologies and numerous spiels of utter bullshit, it’s finally all too little too late.

These people in your lives, yaknow, the ones that pretend to care and that do/keep doing things to hurt you, they don’t deserve the space in your heart that you keep light with a small, warming vanilla-scented candle for them. Na uh. Perhaps you have one of those girlfriends, yaknow the girl i’m talking about. The one that will listen to your cries over some dude that wasn’t even worth your salty droplets, and even intercept with much ‘what a fucking asshole’ style commentary, and then flirt her ass off with him as soon as she claps eyes on him – or in bad scenarios, cross that line altogether. But that’s a whole other blog peeps. She’s not worth shit. Sorry, but it’s plain and simple. Girls, take the lame sexist ‘hoes before bros’ that so many men are so wrapped over and flip it, adding a sprinkling of girl power – that is all that needs to be said. Anything that counteracts that shit is a crock and deserves to be ejected from your life, Speedy Gonzales-styles, yadig?

What about that dude? You know, the doucher that thinks he’s amazing, and that you think is a creep, but annoyingly that’s the very reason you want him more than your next five meals. He keeps doing dickhead-ish things to you (and let me say, he can’t be blamed – it’s in his nature, you know that too!) and you allow it to continue. So when he comes back with empty apologies and his arms open wide, when are you going to finally realise that the bullshit niceties are all too little too late?

Seeing as it’s the New Year (Happy 2011 by the way), i personally am going to up my resolution count to three, and take a stance on not wasting any time on guys that aren’t wasting equal time on me, I will not pine over losers who quite frankly aren’t worth the 2 ply count tissues i use to sob over them with, and I will not embark on wild flings with below par men that i know are only after one thing (unless of course that’s exactly what i’m after) and my lovely, gorgeous-smelling readers, i strongly suggest you do the same.





What’s your New Years Resolution?

Do you have one of those friends?

Don’t you think Regina George is hot?!