Make 2011 The Year of Yes



No my dear readers, i’m not encouraging you to go out with your knickers around your ankles and comply with the demands of every hormone-driven boy that’s ever tried it on with you – unless of course that’s exactly what you want… no judgement is a NQC policy yadig?

The thing is, often, many of us whinge about being dateless on tightass Tuesday (especially when there’s that epic rom com we’ve been hanging to catch!) We whine about having no-one to go to that restaurant we want to try out with, or to lay lovingly in the grass with at Moonlight cinema – and no Vanessa, it just isn’t the same with you.

But time after time we feel alone, and it’s not that we’re undesirable, or that there are absolutely no men left on this small, sometimes seemingly decent-guy-starved island (that is, Australia), it’s often just that we’re not looking in the right places – plain and simple.

So as you know, you may think you have your type all figured out. That a tall brooding gentleman with straight boyish locks falling over his sultry eyes could walk over and whisk you off your feet and you’d judo chop his ass before fly kicking him fifty feet away because you had your heart set on a curly haired dude people – and a straight haired guy just don’t fly, yadig?

My dear readers, this is madness, not only is a judo chop like way harsh but we all may think we have our ‘type’ all figured out, and by all means, some of us probably do. But keep in mind, you haven’t even seen how many types are out there – and how can you expected to live without something (or someone) that could be perfect for you because you won’t go out on a limb by taking a chance to experience it?

So, with this is mind – I┬áhereby mark 2011 as The Year of Yes. What does that mean you ask? Well, it means that every time you are asked out (politely and within reason) on a date with a boy, you must say yes. It’s your goal to experience as much of the dating game this year and i do promise you that your lives and your logbook of life experience will be far richer for it. Coffee, movies, a stroll through the park… whatever – you’re doing it. Even if you don’t want to, grit your teeth and bare it. The poor guy has gone out on a limb for you, and god knows you don’t have to sleep with the guy, a street-side smooch will do just fine (okay, i’m kidding!!) but there is something to be learnt from every experience we encounter, so it’s in our nature to go out and find a few more with which to enrich us.

Oh, and don’t worry, just because you happen to be ‘dating’ lanky dude, bad shoes and guy who is just a friend, seriously, at the same time, doesn’t make you a bad person, you’re just trying these guys on – and hey, bloody blokes do it all the time so if you’re ever caught out, just flick your hair in an almost embarrassingly cliched fashion and murmer, “don’t hate the player, hate the game baby.”

I guarantee you he’ll be so gobsmacked that you won’t have to deal with him again – which may be the ideal outcome actually.


Do you think there’s something to be learned from the Year of Yes?

Have you ever multi-dated?

Would you take the plunge with a guy that you thought you knew wasn’t right for you?