How to deal when he moves on first

It sucks doesn’t it? Not being the one to float off into happyland almost instantly post your messy, emotion-filled break-up? It always seems to be you, left dangling and reminiscing about what was and what could have been. I have to tell you that for some reason, most guys always find it easier to move on, and it’s not because they don’t care as such – maybe because there are more girls with their arms wide open ready to pick up any soppy pieces (while minimal, there are always some there), whereas guys want to help a broken-hearted you through it, but they want to be doing the horizontal dance as a way of serious treatment rather than offering romantic distractions, yadig?

When he moves on first, it’s like you’ve instantly been replaced. It’s like the pit of the pit of your stomach feels constantly sick, you see a photo of the two of them and you’re depressed for the whole day. You have no idea why he has replaced you and given up everything the two of you shared, with this girl – who you’re clearly better than anyway. (Note: you may or may not be better than the new girl, but your ability to judge has been seriously hindered, you know, due to the messy heartbreak and all.)

I could sit here and tell you of epic ways to entice him back into your arms and away from the horrid, ugly new girl. Ways like always remaining the sweet and charming girl he knew, who definitely doesn’t drunk text, in fact – she doesn’t even know what that means she’s so disciplined and lovely-smelling. But is that really what you want? The two of you broke up for a reason. Which means that any underlying issues you had upon split would still be bubbling away at the surface, unresolved. Not only that, you need to take your newly-found singleness by the balls and have some fun with it. You’re now free to do whatever you want, whenever you feel the urge to do it. There are no boundaries, no-one to answer to and a whole world full of guys out there. And just because you haven’t jumped on the boyfriend bandwagon straight after picking up the rest of your things from his house, doesn’t mean he’s beaten you, it means you’re not just jumping into the first pair of open arms you find, you’re waiting for something ultra-spesh and Channing Tatum-like  to sweep you off your feet. You’ve won (especially once you’ve found forementioned Channing Tatum-type, oh BOY have you won then) – so smile pretty girl.




Have you ever been the last to move on?

Did he move on with a really ugly mole? (Shame on you, i’m sure she’s full of personality and can probably tap dance you under the table!)

How did you deal with feeling like you were being replaced?