Swanky much?

If there were two words I’d want to be able to describe myself with, they would be sexy and strong. Probably because both together and separately, those two characteristics can get you anything you desire – and more importantly, glide you through anything that comes your way. And unfortunately, when I think about women who are both strong and sexy, I struggle to think of many ladies who come up trumps.

I mean there’s Oprah and Michelle Obama – both strong, admirable women. Fabulous role models, painfully successful in their own rights, and as much as I’d give up my first born to be Oprah for a day, she is kind of lacking in the sexy scheme of things, no? No disrespect of course. (Am totally scared I will now be hit by lightening for fucking with lady-O. She’s like god, man.)

Then there’s the sexy women – i’m not even going to go there, it’s far too easy and seeing as I just ate that whole tub of Sara Lee Toffee Crunch, i’d rather not feel worse about myself at this point. It’d be far too horrendous. Just log onto Victoria’s Secret if you’re unsure of what sexy looks like – that should point you in the right direction. You know, only if you think complete and utter perfection in sexy?

Then it hit me. Hilary Swank. Okay, so her jaw could use a tweak or two, but take a squiz at the images above. The woman is raw power, so strong and uber sexy it spins me out. Have you seen Million Dollar Baby? She’s so good! Like Oscar-winning good. She’s not afraid to scoff an In ‘n’ Out burger when she really wants one and she’s still sexy as shit. Her body is more toned than a girl half her age (like honestly, check out her cheeks! Not the ones on her face either!), but she doesn’t ever attempt to be the lamb. She’s quite happy being her age, and doing the best she can with it – and i tells ya, if i look a quarter as good as the Swankster – i’ll die with a big, fat, Cheshire-cat-like grin on my face.





Are you a fan of the Swankster?

Which women do you think are both sexy and strong?

Can you not tear your eyes away from her ass in the top shot either? It’s like I’m hypnotised…