The Best Friend Basket: terrific or terrifying?

Now, by Best Friend Basket, you may not be 100 per cent sure what I’m on about. Let me be clear. The Best Friend Basket is that area, you know, the one area of your guy bestie that if off limits to you because you actually would like this one to stick around.

The Best Friend Basket is the place that could make or break your relationship, and it’s as treacherous as it is tempting at times, let me tell you.

I’m guilty of making the jump from the safe outer terain of my best friend, to right smack bang in the middle of the Basket. We thought that just because we were unreal as mates that that would translate into an equally awesome relationship – and we were right, for a while…

Without immersing this blog into a pool full of sop – let me just glaze over what went down. Ever so slowly, the best friend i knew and loved was being chipped away at. Suddenly we both had no-one to go to with our relationship problems, because we were each other’s problem. It’s a weird turn of events. You feel really out of your element and unsure of how to deal with situations that before may have been second nature to you and him. Until eventually, best friend was replaced completely by boyfriend, and I didn’t know this guy at all. It felt as though all our goodness and in-sync-ness was squeezed out of us like a sponge, and all that was left was the hard remains, unable to absorb anymore love or affection and swell back up again.

Fast-forward to how we are now. Bitter at best. We still talk every now and then, but it’s not even a patch on what we had. Would I do it again had I of known? It’s difficult to say, some of it was so good. But in hindsight no, it definitely wasn’t worth losing the person that was most important to me.

Is it to do with age? Probably, yeah. Sometimes jumping head first into the Best Friend Basket is the very act that teams you with your soul mate – the person that you didn’t even know was right under your nose the entire time.

But before you dive in blind, think to yourself – is it worth it? Because there is a possibility that you might lose whatever it is you have now with that guy. You know, the guy in your life that’s not going anywhere.  I mean surely there’s other guys out there right girls? But maybe not guys like him…






How do you feel about jumping into the BFB?

Have you done it before?

You’ve murdered the poor dude haven’t you?