What have you been dealt?

You know when you want to be told that everything’s going to be okay? You’re having a bit of a slumped day, nothing’s really going right and the future looks kind of, well… bleak.

All we’re really looking for is a sign, a signal that we’re going to be okay – that keeping our chin up is worth it. That our efforts will pay off. That’s a wee bit like how I was feeling yesterday – I couldn’t quite remember what I was excited about. Not with all the shit guys and pointless efforts bouncing around in my brain.

Then, later that afternoon I happened to come across a pack of Goddess Oracle Cards (no seriously – this is not some predictable placement like in so many god damn romantic comedies) they really were just sitting on the table. It’s a day and several staff card readings later and I still don’t know where they came from or whom they belong to!

However, I opened up the manual and saw that there was a way to do readings on yourself. I couldn’t wait.

You have to begin with a few energy rinsing exercises – so that the person before you’s energy isn’t still entrapped within the cards. So after ten minutes of looking like a total noob (tapping on cards, praying to them and touching every single one with my dominant hand) I was told I had to think of a question whilst shuffling the cards. Obviously a bit of relationship hullabaloo came up – and once i started to feel a bit ‘guided’ I was to stop shuffling and pull the top three cards from the deck and lay them face down – which I did.

There was a description of each goddess on the cards in the guidebook – so I kept that handy as I unveiled my first card – which signifies my past – in relation to my the question.

Mawu – Mother Earth. A bit of gibberish about Environmentalism – doing your part to make a big difference. I guess that could be somewhat related to the small choices i’ve made and how they’ve changed my environment and how people sit in it.

Card no. 2 – the Present.

Hathor – Receptivity.

This card meant that I need to be better at receiving compliments and kind words. That I can be a little bit bashful when praise comes my way – and accept it gracefully. Minus the beetroot face! Point taken. Tis’ true.

Card no. 3 – the Future

Lakshmi – Bright Future

Well – when you’re picking a card for you’re future, this is basically the kind of card you want to get. The grin was pretty mch plastered across my mug. The tagline is “Stop worrying, everything is going to be fine.” And it’s message is simple, your future looks bright, concentrate on what you want and don’t be pulled into the darkness. Amazing.






Do you believe in this sort of stuff?

Have you ever had your palms/cards read?

Do you think this is just a magical scam to put people’s minds at rest?