Youtube, I tube, we all tube

So unless you’ve been living under a dimmly-lit rock for the past several years, you’ll be well aware of youtube and all of its fabulous findings. Besides the Big ‘F’, I don’t think there has ever been another place where I’ve contently spent large chunks of my days, I’m talking in hours peeps. Literally – you can spend ages on youtube, simply because once you’re over scouring through the world’s best stacks caught on film, and the videos to match your favourite songs, there’s a million and one skits, and a billion parodies to keep you giggling.

It’s literally the best way to have fun with your clothes on.

So, with that in mind, I thought i’d make your Monday a little easier, and share with you my Top 10 youtube videos – ever.

10. Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go. A song to get you in the mood for summer.(even though it’s over – waah.)

9. A 3 yr old Justin Bieber fan having a breakdown

8. Then when Justin Bieber surprises her…

7. The giggling quadruplets – watch and try not to smile, seriously.

6. Serious baby – just check it out, seriously…

5. The evolution of dance

4. Ninja baby – seriously scary shit.

3. The top 20 Joey and Pacey moments – come on, let me have one soppy one.

2. The Victoria’s Secret Models performing “Firework.” – usually kept for the lads, I can’t help but be entranced by this too! Drool… (caution: girls with body issues, don’t watch this.)

1. Charlie bit my finger – the adorable English munchkins that started it all.

So there you have it munchkins – check them all out – just don’t let your boss catch you. Naughty little so and so’s.






What’s your favourite youtube clip of all time?

Seriously, how weird is the Ninja baby?