The Honey Trap

Would you do it? Could you do it? And more importantly could you live with the results? It seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Place your man in a situation where he is directly faced with temptation and has to decide whether he passes it up or not. The difference being that this ‘other woman’ is going to report his decision straight back to you. It’s a direct answer to your questioning his faithfulness – but do you have the balls to go through with it?

I can’t decide whether the whole concept is justified or just totally unfair. We know that men have the biological urge to spread their seed, and they do sometimes without thought or consequence. But is it fair to artificially orchestrate a situation that they might not naturally be subjected to? That much I’m not sure about yet.

Further to that – what if he just takes up the offer like an eager puppy? Was it a one-time slip? Or has he just shown his true douchebag colours? Is it better to know? Or is ignorance really bliss?

FYI for anyone umm-ing and ahh-ing about their own relationship, if you need to hire the help of professionals to set up your own Honey Trap, you could give the UK Executive Honeytraps a go. Their business is catching cheating spouses. Hey, it’s not exactly a niche is it..?






What do you think about the Honeytrap concept?

Would you ever orchestrate your own?

If he did cheat, would you want to know about it?