So you fancy his best mate?

Well gee whiz, you’re in a bit of a pickle aren’t you? Keep going the way you’re going and you’re going to make Chris Everet up there look less home wrecker, more harmless woman in love – and we all know what a load of complete and utter bullocks that is don’t we? Home wrecking whorebag.

The fact is, having a crush on his best friend is dangerous territory. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine to have the ¬†occasional fantasy every now and then, healthy even. Odds are you probably spend a lot of time with his BFF – you probably get along well, have a laugh – even act like yourself around him more than you do around your boy. It’s just easy with him, you feel comfortable with him, he’s good to you, there’s no pressure, you don’t feel the need to impress – but you do because you spend time with him just being you, no games, no thinking about what you say and do before you say and do it, and odds are it’d be hard not to fall a little in love with a girl like that. These things all make the bestie seem pretty attractive, right? – maybe even perfect for you?

No, stop it naughty girl! That was a test – and you failed, epically! You cannot be tempted by the best friend – do you know why? The second you decide to go there everything changes, not just between the two of you, but between you and your guy too. I say this because very few guys out there are that loyal that they’d pass up a cheeky encounter with you. They trust you, they like you, sure, you may be their best mate’s girl – but boys are very straightforwardly wired. Some things are just bible for them – like sex is always a top priority, footy always comes before movie night and if you get along with a girl really well, then that automatically translates into a top relationship. Girls are wiser – we know different.

There’s a good chance he’d allow something to happen – and then nothing would ever be the same for any of you. Plus, you don’t really fancy him, if you did you wouldn’t be with your guy, you’d be with him – so if you’re happy, why rock the boat and jeopardise their friendship while you’re at it? Yep – mark my words, sometimes temptation is the sweetest when it’s left unexplored. It stops becoming so fun when it’s allowed. We’re all naughty Eve’s that love us some forbidden fruit after all, right? Damn straight.






Have you ever fancied your boy’s best mate?

Did you ever do the dirty?

Have you ever had someone do the dirty on you?