Eat your Hart out

Don’t you wish you could sit down on your perfect polished toosh with a glass of sparkling in hand while an entire entourage of hair and make-up artists tended to your every tendril, every stray hair, every unflushed cheek? Well, we can’t all be as blessed and gap-toothed as the wondrous Jess Hart. I nicked this photo of her getting ready for a MYER show from her personal Twitter page (I’m sure she won’t mind), and I think she looks calm, content and absolutely stunning. No wonder, all she has to worry about is smudging her gloss with each sip of bubbly.

Anyway, this girl is hot as hell. She’s got that ‘thing’ than models like Hawko and Megan Gale are lacking – although beautiful, they’re still missing that quirky tidbit that makes Hart stand out about the rest. I know i’ve blogged about her and her fabulousness before, but what can I say? I just can’t get enough. She’s the kind of dreamboat gorgeous that you just don’t come across all that often. The kind of Aussie sun-kissed beach babe that totally delusional guys in America think roam all of our beaches, after feeding our pet kangaroos that is. God Americans are dumb eh?






Who’s your favourite all-time model?

Do you not care because they’re all adding to your looming depression?

Are you having a ‘Hart’ attack right now? SHIT! hehehe