The great hunge

N is for Not Quite Carrie, and for Nectarines (which I adore munching on) and Ninjas (which kick ass) and NARS Orgasm Blush (which suits every human being) and N is also for NIVEA. But that’s not all we have in common…

There are a few reasons for celebration around here right now, and while I am super excited to be bringing you my 100th post, I’m not really expecting anything super snazzy like a letter of congratulations from the Queen – or baskets full of goodies from you lot (no, you can save that for the NQC 1st birthday in April yadig?), there is a certain brand that is very deserving of a ‘word up’ from her Majesty. NIVEA. Glorious NIVEA turns the big 1-0-0 this year. Can you believe it? I mean, they don’t look a day over 21 – it’s a head spin really. But yes, it’s true – and in honour of this special birthday, Sydney’s (and some of New Zealand’s) beauty media got to reap the rewards, and gosh, were there some rewards.

It all started on a beautiful Tuesday morning, myself and another beauty writer were picked up from our offices and whisked to a gorgeous and exxy-looking Vaucluse mansion where we were treated to a beautiful breakfast, meditation, a facial and one heck of a view (see above). Yep, it’s how i’d love to spend most mornings actually.

Next it was off to the ‘secret hotel’ where we’d be staying for the night. But we were in the middle of Sydney’s East? Was a bus coming, how would we get to wherever we were going?! I spied a Cheshire Cat-like grin on one PRs face and knew the water reference I’d heard earlier wasn’t a bluff. And from the degree of the grin, I could tell it wouldn’t be smooth sailing. Below: one of the few times we weren’t being thrashed about on board a Sydney Jetboat. These things are shit fast, but the best fun you can have on the water with your clothes on.

Shortly after, we arrived at our hotel, breathless, with evident shag hair and a racing heart beat ready for the next adventure. We were to head to our rooms, where a masseuse would meet us for what would be an amazing rub down, before heading to the Schwarzkopf shack for some pre-dinner preening. Well, I’m hardly one to disobey an order am I?

Since the day was packed-full of surprises, we were told there was one more in store. After discovering a wee note from Sean Moran (owner of Sean’s Panorama) saying that he couldn’t wait to see us for dinner, we were all pretty sure that we were Bondi-bound that night. So after throwing on our best frocks and matte lipstick, we boarded a ferry to dinner. When after around 10 minutes we were told we’d reached our destination, there were definitely a few puzzled looks, even more when we realised we’d parked at Fort Denison and when we disembarked and a swarm of people came hurtling towards us – one of which was my mother! Look down.

Yep, those cheeky, sneaky chaps at NIVEA and Maxted Thomas PR had donned their Sherlock Holmes hats and organised a loved one for every single beauty journalist that was at the celebratory shindig to be waiting at Fort Denison when we arrived! They stalked friends, family members, contacted loads through facebook and eventually came up with the goods! My mo was the lucky one to get the gig – and I’m glad she did. We had a lovely feast, (and a few too many drinks) before curling up in our luxury hotel suite and munching on a gourmet brekkie in the morning. Now if that’s not mother/daughter bonding – I don’t know what is!

So how good’s that? 100 years for NIVEA, 100 posts for NQC – it’s just a huge, juicy, scrumptious celebration around these parts. Yep, any excuse for me to pop a bottle of bub and i’ll take it. Hey, that’s just me peeps! Love it or leave it.






What are you celebrating recently?

Have you read all 100 posts? (Go on, be honest you fibbers!)

Have you been using NIVEA for 100 years? Okay, maybe not 100…