We heart single Bingle

… and i’m guessing most Aussie blokes feel exactly the same. Forget Bieber fever, we’ve got Bingle tingles around these parts…

I know I’ve harped on about man’s unwavering gripe with the red lip – and i still believe that mostly, for guys it’s as annoying as finding out the last magnum has gone from the freezer (because man, that fucking sucks!) But – i do believe in the above case, they’d make somewhat of an exception. I mean, Jesus, wouldn’t you?

Cheeky is an understatement. In this shot, Miss Bingle looks as though she is up to no good, while simultaneously breaking the law and stealing lollies from a baby -I mean she looks capital B.A.D to the bone baby. And I love it.

She seems to have a new found confidence, a desire to focus on herself more, without ever being overshadowed by her sportsman – which she never let happen very often mind you. I think it’s pretty empowering. Actually, even though the Bingle is single, a lot can be said for some of the other WAGs about town, who, like Lara, are successful, strong women that have their own thing going on. Take Jodi Gordon, Lee Furlong and Terri Biviano for example. They are an equally strong half of the pairing with their sportstar beaus – and i think it’s very cool that men are now choosing these types of women over the, well, you know… other types floating about.

But enough of what my cousin would call the Lesbian-style ranting, I am purely giving a shout out to Lars for being pretty perfect in the slammin’ stakes. And for rocking the Lob (long bob) or chob (chopped bob) like no-one’s business. And for being a-okay with being single for a while. I think all girls should have the same sort of resilience when it comes to The Big Break Up. Head up ladies, you are going to be okay. Odds are if he’s passed you up, he’s a twat anyway – and as soon as you find the next swoon-worthy guy, you’ll forget all about Mr Douche and the reasons why you pined for him so.

And isn’t that a totally delicious idea to look forward to? I know right!






Who do you prefer now that they’re single?

Do you love Lars’ new chop?

Do you also want that camera so you can take your own simmering snaps?