Movie love. Where for art thou?

If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.

Seven simple words, one immeasurable meaning.

It’s Movie Love. It’s the stuff that makes us stare at the screen and sob into our cereal. We want it. That sappy, loved-up, unconditional love. But does that kind of thing ever make it off our screens and into real life?

Honestly – would a guy build a house for a girl he loved when he was in his teens, after not hearing from her for years – and basically wait around for her to come fleeting back into his arms? I mean, god. It would be fabulous wouldn’t it? Having two gorgeous and equally appealing men after you. Neither one with an overly obvious flaw. It’d be the kind of tough situation I’d love to find myself in.

But I needn’t worry. That’s movie love. The stuff that we pine for, the stuff that we transfer into our bank of expectations when looking for The One. With each movie like The Notebook, comes a new delivery into the bank of expectations, and it just keeps on rising. Honestly, I almost feel bad for the poor fellas we know. They haven’t got a hope in hell of sweeping us off our feet like the Ryan Gosling – Notebook, Ben Affleck & Josh Hartnett – Pearl Harbour and Channing Tatum – Dear John modern-day Prince Charmings do. The difference being that in these stories, these characters are made to be with their female leads, it’s written in the scripts. It’s an expression of people’s fantasies – what they wish it were like. And although my expectations are a little high (okay, I admitted it) – why shouldn’t they be?

I’m not some crazy if-you-love-me-you’ll-wait-20-years-for-me kind of weirdo, I just do think that we are deserving of a little bit of romance in our lives. You know, a taste of what the people on screen are enjoying so very much. It’s not just the girls either, the boys deserve some special treatment too. And i’m a big believer in spicing things up, keeping it fresh and interesting – but also returning to some good ol’ chivalry and romance.

Come on, there has to be some guys out there that will willingly indulge in some movie-style love with you. And when i say that, I don’t mean the XXX stuff that Jenna Jameson is so fond of, I mean some Romeo and Juliet stuff – the stuff we all secretly want – from the movies we all secretly sob to, with our hearts all aflutter and our hopes full.

Oh come on, shut up – i’m not a total sop. Well, maybe I’m becoming one… scary shit.






Which movie couple do you most yearn to be a part of?

Are you jealous of that Ally biatch too?

Do you think she picked the right guy?

(Note: I didn’t ask if you thought i was an overly-romantic loser – because I don’t want to hear it! na na)