WILL it last?

Ooh I say.

They don’t half look like a cheeky pair of sods in this snap do they?

Like they’re off home from a night in Ol’ Blighty for a good old fashion shagging.

Sorry – that was a little chav of me. Next i’ll be donning faux Burberry and screeching “YOUARITE?” or “sling your ‘ook!” Bloody Nora.

It’s the question on everyone’s lips – WILL they or won’t they? (Notice how I’m using the Prince’s name a pun – cool eh?) It’s a tricky one I must admit, Royal unions don’t generally have the best track record. A worse ending than Dear old Diana’s (Bless!) would have to be Fergie’s. That girl just will not stop making a fool out of herself. Shut your gob and do your hair for Christ’s sake Ferg! It’s exhausting to watch.

Anywho, it’s about Kate and Wills. And as eager as I am to watch the ceremony, i wouldn’t say I’m as obsessed as some of the other people about town. I mean – i definitely do not intend to pick up a commemorative Kate and Wills dinner plate (unless of course I see one for a price I can’t say no to.)

If you want my opinion (and duh, obviously you do – you’re on my blog after all), it’s that I don’t bloody care. Wills is the snooty boring one who has all the exhausting responsibility. I’m developing some deep set crows feet just thinking about it. No, i’m far more interested in Hazza – the cheeky and a little bit sexy prince who I assure you would be a lot more fun than the semi-uptight Wills (okay, i can’t completely slag Wills – I do still love him after all), but Harry looks like he’d be a naughty boy. Perhaps even the first Royal to venture out of the missionary position?

So sling your ‘ook Chelsy Davy – I’m off to the Slip Inn to bag myself a Royal. That is where it’s done isn’t it?






Who do you prefer, Wills or Hazza?

Could you live as a Royal, really?

Would you love to see Kate Middleton get really drunk and do something crazy, like laugh or do a jig?