The pining or the confused. Who suffers more?

Those who are alone because they don’t know exactly what they’re after often think ‘yeah, I may be on my own, but at least nothing’s tugging on the heart strings, right?’

Well. Yeah. I guess to an extent those people do cheat the pain of pining for someone they may or may not ever be with, but perhaps at least the pining people know what it will take for them to be happy. They know that they can be fulfilled – in one way or another. It’s possible, it may not be easy – but it can happen. Because they have a reason to want to be happy – a goal they want to achieve.

Yep, I think it can definitely be said that those that don’t know what they want are the ones that suffer the most. Their indecisiveness means that they don’t know what it will take to achieve true happiness. It’s kind of shit really. I actually don’t know what’s worse peeps. The pain of wanting something you can’t have, or the frustration of not knowing what will make you truly happy – you know, all fulfilled-like – and probably messing up all of your options in the meantime.

Because if we don’t know what it’ll take to enrich our lives, and make us smile that Cheshire-like grin, then how can we ever have a hope in hell of capturing it?

My advice – take a chance, you never know what might end up making you happiest until you try it. It could be the thing you never imagined you’d ever be content with – and you might just end up happier than you’ve ever been. Now, if only I could start taking my own advice eh?






What do you think?

Are some chances in love worth taking?

Or do you think being indecisive on what we want is better than pining for those that we can’t have?