Is faithfulness dictated by options?

I love good banter.

I love it even more when it’s between myself and someone who is seemingly uninterested in topics like these, and then comes out with some relationship gold.

A man’s view – a man’s perspective. Which is about as prominent on this blog as a pair of natural-born breasts at The Playboy Mansion. I don’t really often give them a chance to defend themselves do I? *Cue guilty eye drop.*

A very good male friend of mine, let’s call him Brad – opened up when I began discussing why all guys in relationships tend to cheat, at the very least allude to the fact that it’s definitely not out of the question. And they make it soo obvious – how they don’t get caught is beyond me (girls, WAKE UP!)

Brad then offered his advice. It went something along the lines of “Olivia, faithfulness is dictated by options. A guy doesn’t want to cheat, but a guy who has more options is more physically able to cheat than a guy that doesn’t.”

It seemed simple enough to me? So basically my only option of having a decent guy with eyes that don’t wander is if I start dating Steve Urkel? Fucking awesome. Nope, Brad assured me that just because a guy has LOTS of options, doesn’t mean he’s likely to cheat. I quickly learned that a guy who has the option to go out and be a naughty boy doesn’t feel like he has to – he knows that he could cross that boundary whenever – so the desire is lacking. It’s kind of like how as a girl, there’d be no shortage of guys wanting to work out some of your sexual frustrations should you offer them a flirty eyelash flutter – but you don’t do it because there’s no need to.

In fact – what i found most interesting is that it’s often the Steve Urkel-esque guys – that you think would be happy to go out with someone as obviously amazing as you – that need the self-assurance that they can only really get by being big gigantic whores. Yep – it’s the low self esteem losers we really have to worry about. Who would have guessed it?

My conversation with Brad actually turned out quite well, because I rather fancy the idea of a Steven Segal-type over a Steve Urkel type – go figure! So my frown is pretty much upside down right now.





Do you think faithfulness is dictated by options?

Do you think we should fear the cheating losers?

Okay, that was harsh – they’re not losers – you can take away five points for that one.