Today I wanna be…

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen.

And it’s not even because they have tonnes of millions of dollars, or access to chic black sunnies and super hot fire engine red lippies (I lie – it is kind of because of the lipstick…), it’s because they’re no-bullshit, confident free spirits. They do what they want to do, wear what they want to wear, are uber smart business people and keep well out of the media spotlight.

They’re basically the perfect celebrity. They’ve got their hand in everything, but somehow they continue to fly under the radar, live a normal life dating non-celebrities, so far escaping any sex tape scandal and they do it all with a certain Hollywood finesse. A classiness that most other celebrities (especially the erm… reality kind) just don’t seem to possess. They seem very Old Hollywood. Like a straight up Sophia Loren/Liz Taylor type. High glamour, not eating or belly laughing in public. They’re the kind of people that keep the Tinseltown dream alive for most thanks to their unwavering grace.

Not to mention they’re the cutest thing since Knox and Viv. (And they’re damn cute kids yadig?) You can’t help but love the Olsen twins. Though generally not a characteristic widely loved when it comes to them – I personally love that they donne the real fur coats like it’s no-one’s business. They were built for high fashion. Honestly, it’s like Chanel pictured dressing these two in its inception. They’re brilliant to watch. Even when MK went through her grungy, let’s-not-shower-for-eight-days phase. She is one of very, very few people who could get away with that and still make some girls go out and hunt for an identical looking smelly jumper of their very own.

They’re blessed with the kind of face that will always seem youthful. They’re big-eyed, big-mouthed, and basically have the sort of symmetry top models pay big bucks for. They’re gorgeous with or without make-up, with or without a smile. It’s not really all that fair. Especially if you’re one of the poor other Olsen siblings. I actually hate to think about the dynamics in that family. I mean, let’s be fair – it’d be kind of hard not to favour the girls, right? What, with the off chance they might just wrap up the keys to a Ferrari with your name on it next Chrissy.

I guess it’s not all peaches is it? This fame thing. But then again, I’m sure my bulging bank account and angel-like face would help me sleep at night?






Which celeb would you be if you could choose just one?

Why do you think MK went without a shower for all that time?

Do you think they’re laying low or simply falling off the radar?