The Dash to be on top

(No, not like that you naughty so and so’s! On top – like of the fame ranks?)

She’s famous enough to have Paris Hilton shaking in her size 10 stilettos, but is Kim Kardashian getting closer to losing the crown as the biggest celebrity Kardashian sister? Hmm, me thinks so, yo.

I speculate because word on the street is that Kimmy isn’t too happy about her sisters’ newfound fame. Kourtney’s got baby Mason, Khloe’s got the hubby, Kendall’s got the pins, Kylie’s got the erm… personality? and Kim supposedly has all the fame – but for how long?

Amidst her fears of being outdone by her sisters, is the blow of Khloe and hubby Lamar’s new fragrance, ‘Unbreakable’ (a unisex scent that’s booked to be bigger than Ben Hur – you know, really big!) and their soon-to-air exclusive reality show. Which, fo yo infomation is currently smashing the ratings like no-one business.

In what seems like blow after blow after blow, once body-conscious Khloe has just been spotted on the cover of Middle Eastern Cosmopolitan magazine, looking admittedly pretty fresh, feminine and fabulous. We bet Kimmy can’t help but think, ‘Cosmo one day, my spot on Vogue the next?’ – Okay look probably not, let’s be real. But I wouldn’t sleep with both eyes closed if you know what I mean Kimbo.

I guess only time will tell who comes out on top in the fame game, let’s just hope the girls can remain close instead of constantly competing – they do know how to do a reality show after all, yadig? Otherwise younger sister and model-in-training Kendall Jenner might be in for some fucked up ferociousness from her older siblings as she climbs the fame ranks, doll.


Who is your favourite Kardashian?

Do you think Scott is a prick of Brian McFadden-proportions?

Baby Mason… cute, or little fug? It’s okay, this blog is a place of sanctuary – you can be honest here…