This Just-in. Bieber is god.

I wasn’t alive for the Beatles, nor was I old enough to take much notice when Pitt, Stalone or Clooney were at their peak. But apart from Leo Dicaprio or Jesse McCartney, (who, let’s face it – were never of Beatles-heights) there hasn’t been a superstar of the same standards in which to swoon over (or in most young girl’s cases, completely lose their shit over) – until now.

You know his name. He looks like a regular teenage guy. Except he’s not. He’s living everything all of us would only dare dream of living. He travels the entire world, would be able to easily bag 80% of all of the teenage girl population (and some older…) and Usher is on his speed dial. He dances the shit out of every stage he lands on and is up there with Oprah and the Queen when it comes to the most globally known names.

The other night i took my 14yr old sister to his first Sydney concert. It almost didn’t happen mind you – with doctor’s orders reading that he should stay in and rest due to epic back complaints. But Beebs was not about to let his fans down. I liked that, postponing is pretty much a pain in the ass. So as I sat there, more excited than I’d readily admit about his performance, I realised that i was sitting in the middle of thousands upon thousands of girls who were either a) jumping up and down like animals, b) jumping up and down like animals screaming or c) jumping up and down like animals, screaming and crying simultaneously. I had never witnessed such super stardom.

It dawned on me. This kid is one of the most famous people in the whole world. Followed, worshipped and adored by one of the most influential markets in the world. These little girls are often adored by their parents, meaning they get everything their little voices sing for, and that they often allow someone they love and pine for to consume their whole life. Young, cute boys like Justin Bieber. I’m talking collecting mountains of posters, masses of ┬ámemorabilia, and umpteen concert tickets – and the rest. These girls are the reason boys like Bieber become so rich and famous. They are their ticket to infinite and absolute stardom.

One thing I’ve realised post-Bieber concert? The guy is hot. I know he’s young, but if this cougar was to pick any cub from the vast litter, it’d definitely be the Beebs I reckon. And why not? The kid is cool – of Oprah proportions yadig?


What do you think of the Beebs?

Who did you have a crush on when you were a tween?