The two-faced wardrobe of a girl

Are you guilty of leading a double life? Well, when it comes to your wardrobe at least?

If you’re a red-blooded female, chances are you know what I’m talking about. And you know that impressing the girls is just as important as impressing the guys when it comes to presenting yourself – fashionably.

You know that girl that’s decked out in a Dion Lee jacket and Bec & Bridge skirt? Yeah – no guys know how many hours she shlepped waiting tables just to miss three meals and pick up that paisley pink number she’s had her eye on since Fashion Week last year. Nor does he care. The fact is unless it’s skin tight, cut at the thigh or see through – he aint’ interested babes.

The jacket she’s put her whole pay packet towards is money down the drain if it’s to impress a dude, but her best friend? It’s the jackpot baby.

Odds are aforementioned bestie and her other girls have noted her efforts. She’s also been given a quiet nod for being bang on trend and looking pretty babe’n in all her structured amazingness (that pretty much seeps from her pores right now and) that most guys would probably hate – yaknow, because it’s ‘weird’, not ‘sexy.’

Most girls want guys to look at us and think ‘yeah, she’s hot’ and most of us want our friends to look at us with a tinge of the green-eyed monster and think ‘shitballs she’s stylish, how come she already has that jacket?’

Isn’t it funny how girls can change their style like that (clicks fingers impeccably on cue) when it’s aimed at different people? I don’t personally always dress up for the girls, there are those certain few that I’m more than happy to slump over ┬áto see for wine and dinner in an oversized jumper and tights with no make-up – but you know, maybe with a new jewellery piece, just as means for a conversation starter.

But mostly if you’re seeing the girls, you might opt for the ankle-high street boots, or Jeffery Campbell Lita’s, because you’ll know you’ll receive instant snaps for being on the mark and street-worthy – whereas you’re happy to leave the brands behind when it comes to turning your ‘bangin’ factor right up and impressing the boys. Brands mean very little, tailored style goes out the door just a little, and you’re more interested in the end result of the outfit, rather than the pieces that went into it.

In a not-so random Carrie Bradshaw moment – I couldn’t help but wonder, did girls want to impress the girls more than the guys?


Do you put more effort into your outfits with guys or girls?

Who do you think judges your outfits more?

And who’s opinions do you value more?