Zip it.

After a brief dance through Freedom the other night, I was almost convinced that it was time for me to swap fashion for furniture. That decision turned out to be more premature than my last boy – because I was yet to discover the wonders behind up-and-coming brand, Zippora.

Now – it’s not just because the designer is a personal friend of mine and possibly the sweetest girl that ever did walk this earth – but Karen Fulton’s edgy, femininely wild designs feature a grungy element that all girls should flirt with from time to time. Think slick black cuts, red leather pants and an insanely fabulous use of mustard to top it all off scrumptiously.

Being honest, it had been a while since I had stumbled upon my friend’s brand – and I was thrilled to see it’s going great guns, having been picked up by the 100 Squared Emerging Designer Market, and modeled by babes like Lola Van Vorst. Kaz really has come a long way since our horrid pink high school tunics. *shudder*

So I thought it my duty to share the Zippora love with the people. So log on here, so you can check out what you may start finding in your own wardrobe in the not too distant future, and appreciate the brilliance that is a very normal girl who has channeled her biggest passion and individual style and managed to achieve something both insanely beautiful and highly commendable, all before her 23rd birthday.


Who is your favourite new designer?

What is trending in your wardrobe right now?

Image credit: Karen Fulton