To-die-for Dianna.

She’s my beauty would-be (you know, if you had to choose one celebrity to look like), she’s a star on one of the biggest television shows going around and she’s got an eye shape that would make even the Olsen twins cry.

She’s Dianna Agron – and she’s rocking my world right now.

And just when I thought she couldn’t get any more gorgeous, more sassy and it surely wasn’t possible for me to get become anymore green-eyed monster – she goes and cuts off all of her hair into a super sultry bob. Bitch. If she wasn’t totally my girl crush i’d want to seriously hurt her for being so amazeballs.

The whole ‘perfect Quinn Fabray’ look has been thrown a little out the window, and a new amazeballs up and comer is on the rise. For me, she’s beauty redefined. A soon-t0-be screen siren of Brigitte Bardot-proportions (huge call I know – but i’m backing it peeps – so recognise.) There is seriously nothing I’d change about her – and in a world where i think even Sienna, January and Scarlett could do with even a minor tweaking – I honestly don’t think i’d change a thing about dear ol’ Di. Cue gasp.

Yep – screw Angelina, she’s my would-turn-for celebrity – and I don’t even normally go for blondes. It just reinforces for me that a pretty face is priceless. Weight stacks on and falls off – but if you’re blessed with a pretty face, then you’ve got more than any size 6 anorexic prawn with pokey-outey rib cages but a face like a squished mango. Ew.

Ooh ooh! Also must share with you a (not very well filmed) video of Di-Ags singing ‘This is a man’s world’ on Glee in season 1. She’s heavily preggers and surrounded my other young knocked up teens and I actually can’t decide what’s more hypnotising, Dianna’a ah-maze-ing voice (just another asset to add to her bulging CV then) or the bulging tummys flying around in the back ground of the clip. You decide.

  NQC x

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