The ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

I know I love a good belly laugh around here, but I’m about to get all serious on yo’ asses.

I must admit, I don’t catch 60 minutes all that often, but when I do, I’m pretty much always captivated by something. (Even if it is just Peter Harvey’s wrap-up – that voice! So manly!)

So last night after shedding a few tears for Alisa Camplin and her (now deceased) 10-day old baby Finnan, the show traveled from unparalleled beauty to he most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. (Even worse than my ex boyfriend after 22 straight schooners.)

They’re ‘god activists’ from Westboro Baptist Church, that go to inconceivable lengths to get ‘the lord’s message’ across. Messages like ‘God hates fags’, ‘Australia is doomed’ (because we’re all sinners apparently) and to me, personally the worst – ‘God loves dead soldiers.’

Now, I tried very, very hard not to get angry (hey, there’s not a lot I can do from the couch at Chateau-Mackinnon after all) but I found it increasingly difficult throughout the segment not to lose my cool. Luckily it was cool-as-a-cucumber Liz Hayes face to face with these monsters, because I would have got my Christian Bale on and seriously lost my shit. Even Liz started to get a little emotional about it all. It’s hard to believe that these seemingly healthy-headed people just could not understand the notion of freedom. Freedom to act as we see fit, not as they think we should.

Now not only does one of my best friends have a boyfriend who has fought in Afghanistan, I also have a few other soldier friends, and I was sickened that their sacrifice was taken by anyone as anything other then heroic, brave and utterly amazing. Not only should they never be discriminated against, they should be glorified for their service to their country.

And for these people, who have done nothing but spread hatred and violence in the name of the lord, to turn up to a 20 year old dead soldier’s funeral with signs saying that ‘God loves dead soldiers’ – well, it’s enough to make your blood boil.

These men and women, who are so narrow minded and unable to hear anyone else’s views, even force their twisted views on their children. And i don’t mean pimple-covered teens, children, like under 10. Who are holding signs saying ‘God hates fags’ without even knowing what it means. It’s sick and it’s disgusting and these people who harp on so much about living a righteous life should really take a page out of their own book and shove their ridiculously offensive signs up their asses.

End rant – and watch the whole thing here if you have the stomach for it.


Did you witness these infuriating assholes on 60 Minutes?

Did you want to throw your television you were so pissed off?

Did you then stop and realise how much televisions cost and decide against it?