The Girlfriend Gap

Oh so you thought girls were bad? Nope. Blokes can be just as erm… I don’t want to say pathetic (but I kind of just did)… when it comes to a brand new beau. Don’t believe me? Trust me my pretties – it’s true.

Boys can easily delve into what’s known as the ‘Girlfriend Gap.’ A dark hole of a place where a guy thinks that the sun shines out of a girl’s you-know-where – and the fact of the matter is – it just doesn’t.

Society is used to females becoming a little too into their men, you  know, bailing on a few girls night to snuggle with their mister – it’s acceptable now and then, expected even. (Though if you know me, you’ll know I don’t see it that way.) But it just seems more normal, because hey – let’s face it – as females, we are expected to be more into our men. To fuss over them, to gaze in awe, to be more interested in where he is tonight than he would ever be in where you were.

So when a guy you know begins to tumble into the Girlfriend Gap, you can’t help but cringe a little. They’ll do stupid things in the name of love like start dogging the boys (which is very frowned upon by most of the lads I associate with), giving up their weekends to be with this girl, and even cutting out other important people from their lives. I don’t know why – but it’s just always a little bit sadder (and not in the teary way) when a guy gives himself so easily into the Gap like that.

Especially when you’re supposed to be close to that person, and all the rational and the smart thinking that you used to love in them so much, kind of makes it’s way down the shitter. You hurt because you hate to see what they are becoming. Because they have become a recluse from the outside world – and they don’t even know that everyone thinks so. They don’t hear the murmurs, the whispers, even the blatantly obvious payout because they’re too busy seeing through rose-coloured glasses to notice the shift in power happening right in front of them. You’re losing them a little bit more everyday, until there comes a moment when you realise you don’t care anymore. They’re a different person to you. And the connection has been irreversibly severed.

It’s a shame I suppose. Losing someone to a girl (or a guy) that you’d bet your best knits and knee highs on won’t be around in a year or two. I suppose that is what love does. But if it turns me into some of the saps I have to witness around me – I think I’ll tell Cupid he can kiss it where the sun don’t shine. Yadig?


Have you lost a guy to the Girlfriend Gap?

Did you get him back?

Did you manage to smash those Elton John-esque rose coloured glasses for petes sake?