Boys, here’s a hint…

Girls aren’t scary. That’s right, we may seem pretty independent and able-to-cope-without-you, which I know can probably seem a little confronting – but most of us would be totally willing to partake in a bit of tantalising chit-chat should you slide over and lay us with some ‘game’… if you will.

These days it just kind of seems like (and this may seem harsh) like a lot of guys don’t really have the balls to go up to a girl and try it on. They’re worried about rejection, and you know what, i actually get that. If the roles were reversed I don’t know that I could slide up with some slick lines up my sleeve in the attempt to get a guy into bed. But here’s the thing. Most of us, like any half decent girl, isn’t going to laugh in your face. She’s going to make up a legitimate story if she’s not keen, and try hard not to make you feel rejected, whilst actually rejecting you. You might catch a few “Oh, well that’s sweet but I don’t think my boyfriend would like that…”, or “I would but it’s my best friend’s birthday and I can’t leave her!.”

In these instances, you can’t tell if she’s making it up or not, and that’s probably a good thing. You see boys, sometimes she’s just not that into you. For the same reason you’re not into that super cool Drew Barrymoore type who you’re yet to realise would actually be the best thing that ever happened to you.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, girls may seem super independent these days – and let’s face it – most of us pretty much are. But there are times when I literally think a cuddle from a big strong guy could cure cancer. Well that’s how powerful of a feeling it is to me. And you just can’t get that anywhere else. Even if we act like we don’t need it, we still do – and we want you to want to be the ones to give it to us – yadig?

One more thing. A quick trip over the best and worst things you can do to secure that girl.

Best – make her laugh, without being sleazy. Maybe make fun of the bartender ignoring everyone or your stupid mate trying to pick up that girl over there. She’ll think you’re charming. Or walk past her and give her a smile. Look down and then up straight into her eyes and smile. Don’t wink, just a smile. Cue melt.

Worst – pester her. Do not keep showing up where she’s sitting. One thing I’ve learned from doing laps around clubs to spy that cute guy in the beanie is that if a girl is into you, she’ll make herself seen. We’re vain creatures we females, and we don’t get dressed to the nines for no-one to see the finished product. That much is true.

So lads – have we learned anything? Let’s hope so. I need me a new pair of arms.






Are you a bit scared to approach girls when you’re out and about?

Girls, do you feel as though guys are rude or just not interested in putting in the effort anymore?

Gee – dooya think it might be true that men are from Mars and women are from Venus much?