Just touched down in Londontown.


So I know it may seem like I’ve kept this a little bit secret up until now, but I have literally done a Kanye and just touched down in Londontown. I’m here for just over two weeks for a number of reasons. Visiting my four lovely cousins that I like never get to see, a touch of Alexa-stalking (mama needs new trends to follow after all) and a healthy dollop of Harry-hunting. I will be nabbing myself a Royal – it’s on my bucket list after all!

Blogs may be minimum unfortunatey, but I promise to make it up to you upon my return. (With photos of purchases and everything!) So I also want to assure you that no Brit ITs or Royals will be harmed in the duration of this trip, but alas, the same can’t be said for Topshop – that baby’s going down.





What are your biggest London must-sees?

Do you fear for Topshop? You should. It’s about to get gnarly.