Enlightened by the gobby cabbie.

There are some moments in life that take you by surprise.

People that can alter your perspective and make a seemingly meaningless moment actually count.

Sometimes a chat with a stranger can bring more than just the uncomfortable urge to move on. I found this to be true on my way to Heathrow airport on the weekend. A seemingly normal man picked myself and my cousin up from her Fulham-pad, my two-week home and was to drop me and my suitcase (which honestly seemed like it was filled with rocks – no boulders) at Baron’s Court tube station to allow a straight trip to the airport. He offered me the whole trip for 30 pounds – and with the memory of that heavy case and a bit of extra cash in my pocket, I fare-welled my amazing cousins and was on my way.

I can’t remember exactly how the discussion started, oh, perhaps when I mentioned that I’d been at my cousin’s wedding, and he said something to me that I was initially a wee bit offended by – and then kind of enlightened with.

“Marriage is ridiculous, how can we be expected to believe in the sanctity of something that was created 1000s of years ago, and probably was relevant then – when society has changed so much today?” blabbed my Cabbie.

I went to answer and withdrew. It’s true. Normally not one to be rooting for marriage, i found myself somewhat defensive of his allegations, before retreating and letting it sink in. We change laws and public transport systems and education programs to keep up with changes in society. We alter everyday living all the time to ensure it keeps up with changing generations. So my question is, why haven’t the rules of marriage changed to coincide with our lifestyles? Obviously we’re extremely different to those who were among the first to be married in the form that we know it today – so why should the same rules apply? While open marriages are frowned upon, yet divorce is the shameful result of now 50 per cent of all marriages, don’t you think the proof is in the pudding?

It’s definitely food for thought isn’t it?





What do you think?

Time for a change?

Or is there method in this marriage madness?