Caggie me home.

Yep that’s right – I’m sensing a brand new obsession for all of those reality-television aficionados out there. If you liked The Hills, The City and have even dropped your knickers for a session of vagazzling after watching The Only Way is Essex, then you’re bound to love this slightly more posh reality show, set in Chelsea, London.

This show is to die for. Basically there are four main peeps, all gorgeous and all oiled up with their respective family’s fortunes. Each episode there’s someone jetting off to Cannes, attending photo shoots and indulging in a spot of fencing – you know, that’s how we do. But what I was most taken with was the gorgeous Caggie Dunlop. This girl is serious girl crush material. I almost want to banish Leighton and Alexa to the toilet and take up Cagg-ism as my brand new religion. Check out the below pic – a snap from her last-minute birthday trip organised by longtime almost-boyfriend Spencer (below left). This sweetheart-neckline mustard number has been hijacking my dreams for the past few nights – I need it in my life – and I just may have it, seeing as Aussie amazeballs brand Zimmermann are responsible for this little piece of paradise.

So why is it an instant girl crush? Besides her lips that would leave Angelina in tears and eyes that would make the Olsens cower, she also has the kind of effortlessly amazing hair that just flops into place in the mornings, you know, Hugh Grant styles. She can pull off casual cool and gorgeously glam in the same day and it’s for this reason that I’m seriously contemplating pulling Alexa Chung down from my favourite Brit IT girl podium, and perching Miss Dunlop firmly in her place.






Who is your favourite Brit IT girl?

Did you know she can sing too? (I know like, can she get any more amazing?)

Who is your biggest girl crush right now?