How-to: survive a break-up

Seeing this pic of LC just post break-up seriously got me to thinking about the ways we go about surviving a Big Break-up. (It also got me wanting to get a boyfriend, then do a Kate Hudson and lose him in 10 days, all so I can attempt these coloured flicks on my own mop!)

Some of us dive into a tub of Sara Lee’s finest head first, others don’t eat anything at all for weeks, for fear of just hurling it back up again. There are also those that express their torment by living by the old best-way-to-get-over-a-guy-is-to-get-under-another-one mantra – and while I agree with the idea of this, I don’t think physically jumping into bed with some dude that night’s just turned right around is worthy. In saying that, I do think that if a guy has taken up that big of a part of your life, more than likely (and as controversial as it may sound) only a guy can fill that spot for you.

You may not be able to see it at the time, but once you find someone else to put your energy into and direct your lovely-dovey feelings towards, it’s amazing to discover how fast the last guy can just stop mattering. When you’re in that joyous first leg of a new fling and you’re all butterflies in the tummy and big grins when you see his name light up on your phone. I’ve seen it with two of my good friends pretty recently. Both were beyond devastated when said ex-asswipes up and left (good riddance I say – my extremely accurate judge of character told me they were nothing more than utter wank jobs to begin with anyway) and both have taken a while to completely get to their feet again.

That said, the delivery of a couple of knights in shining armour have made the process a little easier to deal with. It really has been two of the most amazing examples of getting back on the horse that I’ve ever witnessed. Both friends are well and truly immersed into these new relationships, with next to no thoughts of their respective ex-clowns. Which just goes to show that these people that matter so much we feel like we might just die, don’t actually end up being all that important when put next to the right guy – who doesn’t indulge in half of the prickish acts said ex-douchebag does.

Remember, staying at home sobbing will accomplish nothing. By all means, have a cry, vent to your best girls, and then get back on the horse. 9 times out of 10 you’ll go home alone, probably wishing you were still wrapped up in the comfy security blanket that a relationship provides – but you know it’ll be that one time you go out when you don’t really feel like it that you’ll meet someone so totally amazeballs you’ll turn on the flirt, deliver a hair whip and forget all about whoever he was, yadig?





What are your tips to survive a break up so bad it actually hurts?

You jumped into bed with his best mate didn’t you?!

You naughty rotten little minx…