Interview with a dating dabbler.

It seems that word is spreading. I hoped this would happen. People are actually listening to the relationship ramblings of a single, ever-so-slightly-bitter dating bully who thinks she has a pretty clear picture of how it all works. Or at least seems too…

But due to the growing number of comments, visits and subscriptions to this ‘ere blog – it seems as though most of you are coming back for more – and for that, I thank you.

Another person who seems to find me mildly amusing is the fabulous Camilla Peffer, blogger/owner/master typer of the endlessly witty and oh so chic Girls are Made from Pepsi. Camilla contacted me a few weeks ago to ask me to be her Lady of the week, and I happily obliged. She wanted to ask the tough questions, and I was ready – so if the above snapshot didn’t provide you with your fix, then you can read the rest right here…





And if you’ve got any questions or comments for me, just leave them like you normally do – or just holla!