23 and a whole new way to see.

So yesterday was my birthday. Hit the big 2-3. It’s odd, I don’t seem any different, but I’m finding that as I get older, (let’s say wiser?) that different things are mattering to me. So I thought I’d put it down on paper (umm, per-say) and then I can check back in a year to see If i’ve actually followed through on the things that I know matter now. Or to see if those things have changed completely.

Friends that don’t put in the effort no longer seem worth worrying about, and guys that don’t look promising from the start are no longer as enticing. Yep – that old urge to be the girl that changes that guy is slowly sort of fading.

Yep, at 23 I want to be more in charge. I want to manage myself, my job, my loves, my body in a more assertive way. I want to be the kind of person I can be proud of. I want to stand up for the things I value and treasure, and not jeopardise myself to make someone else happy.

Likewise, I want to bend over backwards for the people that truly matter to me. Those people know who they are, and that I’d do anything for them. That much goes without saying. On the flip side, I only want people in my life that would do the same for me. It’s not a lot to ask for, is it?

Likewise with guys, I want to start valuing the ones that have been around for donkeys – you know who you are. The ones that have always been there and that won’t mind when I do decide I want to welcome some other guy into this space. No-one gets that close to me very easily, it’s taken years for some. So when I decide the time is right, I want it to be swift and smooth and totally easy. I wouldn’t settle for any less, because it would never be a light-hearted decision.

I want to try new things, like lawn bowls, exotic double dates, weekends away, all the restaurants rated well on eatability. I want to spend more time with great friends and great loves – and just concentrate on being happy. [Insert witty and humorous ending joke to lighten the mood if anyone is feeling a wee bit droopy after that.]







What do you wish most for? 

What things do you want to jot down here that you’d like to be completed goals in a years time?

This is not an almost quarter life crisis bee tee dubs.