How to deal: when your friend jumps ship…


It’s no secret that when your friend finds a partner things just change. We’re all ready to settle down and quit sewing our wild oats at different times, but does that fact make it any easier to deal with when your own bestie finds a boy and becomes the simple dinner-and-a-movie-on-a-Saturday-night type?

No, not really…

So when your friend jumps the single ship in favour of a new boy, how do you keep the friendship balance? Often you organically start spending time with other people just like you. People who aren’t cosing into their special someones every time you want to hit the town.

This can put quite a strain on your friendship.

I think there are a few tips you need to come to terms with in these situations… (and some of these i’ve definitely had to learn the hard way.)

– Allow a honeymoon period. when a new ‘someone’ comes into your friend’s life, you have to allow a period of annoying ‘into-each-other-ness’. You know, the need to be in each others clutches constantly. It’s mildly irritating, but the less of a fuss you kick up, the more likely your friend is to get over it. So sit tight.

– You will only get half the time allowance, if that. So that is the god’s honest truth. As a best friend, your friend getting a boyfriend is like acquiring another one of you. And you know how much time you spend with your bestie already.

– She will more than probably be a bit put out. As she sits at home cuddling up to the big-armed boy, you’ll probably be out and about living it up with your other mates. And while it will take a while for these feelings to surface, she will more than likely feel like she has less and less in common with you. The scary thing is she’s probably right.

Not until you also find a boy, and you find out that they get on will things be on par with the two of you again. You can have amazing little weekends away as a cuter-than-Christmas foursome, and lazy Sunday BBQs in the sun. It will be amazeballs, but it won’t happen while you’re on different ships.

So if you want to be on par with your girl again, I strongly advise you throw a coy smile and nab yourself a captain, because you’ll have to jump ship too if you want things the way they were…







Do you think singles and couples don’t mesh as well?

Do you think that a boyfriend isn’t the problem?

Do you think that the ship analogy is falling a little flat?