Okay, so I have a problem…

Okay, so I know a girl that loves shoes is about as heinously cliche as Mr Big showing up in Paris in the last episode of SATC. (Woah. Shocker. Big and Carrie end up together? You don’t say! I never saw that one coming HBO) But it’s true. I’m a stickler for some sexy footwear. I just can’t get enough.

You may be thinking ‘ah, Olivia, could you be anymore Carrie Bradshaw right now?’ And my retort would be no you naught little so and so’s, I don’t roll down to Rodeo and pick me up a pair of Manolos every time I feel an itch. Unfortunately my full time gig doesn’t pay as much as C’s once-a-week sex column – ha! Yeah right HBO. So I don’t have oodles of shoes that are the equivalent to a months rent in a box. I shop wisely and buy more for less – well, that’s what I tell my mum anyway.

See above shot. This was the result of two weeks unattended in London. Let me tell you, it could have been a lot worse. The bulk of these babies are from New Look. Who have an entire floor dedicated to bang on trend footwear, at around the 25  pound mark. I’ll admit it, I lost my shit a little bit. And the only reason you’re not spying more pairs than the suitcase shows, is purely because they wouldn’t fit. True story.

Bags used to be my particular brand of tequila, it was just something about the way a new season Birkin changed a whole look, that and the fact that if Nicole Richie was toting it, it was engraved on my wish list. I had squillions of them, and now I tend to just punish the one until it looks as though it belongs to the bum who perches outside the Westpac on Pitt St. But now? Now I’m all about the shoes baby. The higher the better.

Anywho – it got me to thinking about the way men and women clash heads over issues such as these. Sure, guys like you to look nice, hot even, when they’re out with you. But they generally hate the bulk of wardrobe you take up with your shoes, and how you always want to bloody shop. Every shitting day, around the clock. It’s a double-edged sword my friend. Looking above average takes time and effort, and fellas? I suggest that you grab your girl a latte and leave your cheque book on the waiting chair while she tries on those antique pink wedges, because I guarantee you it’ll get ugly if you don’t.






What is your weakness?

Do you have more pairs of shoes than you do knickers?

(I would prefer to be without knickers than nice shoes), if you think that’s normal blink once.