What happens when he doesn’t realise?

Do you know what I’m over?

Movies that give us an insight into the thrills of a friends with benefits relationship. They give us a girl that wants a guy for the darker hours of the day, and wants rid of him as soon as the sun rises. Girls that aren’t after a boyfriend, just someone to fulfill their needs. And it’s cool to me, I get that, I really do.

So what’s bugging me then?

It’s the fact that in the end, these movies (yaknow I’m talking about No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits) always deliver what the girl didn’t even know she wanted – true love.

It’s almost too sickly sweet. In both movies (that are uncannily similar, dontchathink? Seriously, just mesh them together and make one amazing movie guys!), the couples are just in it for the sex, their hearts aren’t in it, it’s purely a pleasure, sex-filled fun thing. No meeting the parents, no awkward first dates, just in-between the sheets shenanigans.

And then of course the inevitable happens. They begin to have feelings for each other, wowza, real shocker there.

So my question is, what happens when that doesn’t happen?

I know several girls, some good friends of mine, that dally in steamy one-nighters, only to begin to develop a crush on these guy friends. So, when these boys aren’t as smart as JT and the Kutch and don’t realise that they have one seriously amazing girl on their hands, how is the friendship supposed to survive post-romp?

Can you really be friends after that? Or is there a permanent little question mark hanging over the top of the both of you that just won’t budge? And you know how I feel about floating punctuation – effing annoying little rascals.

A one-way kind of love can never flourish, it’s just too heart-wrenching for the loved-up party involved. So even though these movies teach us that actually, jumping into the sack with a guy friend is a good idea because eventually sex turns into love, and he’ll wake up one day and realise how fantastically amazing you are – it’s just not always the case.

I still believe that guys love a bit of a chase. Even if they swear they hate it – they don’t. You know yourself, if it’s too easy, you just don’t want it. That’s very much how I am anyway. So even though jumping into the sack with him may seem unbelievably tempting, think twice puhlease.

I guess it all depends if you actually are the fun-loving, good times girl that genuinely isn’t interested in pinning down a Mr, or if you’re only pretending you are.






Have you jumped into the friend basket?

Have you had a naughty little romp with a friend?

Is it awkward after doing the nasty?