Fickle freckles, and the girls who rock them.

Some girls just work a quirk.

It’s kind of unfair really. Just as we begin to realise the odds of owning our own flashy Birkins are a little beyond our means, a new shit hot accessory hits the scene – and money can’t buy this one.

I’m talking about quirks that make us unique, like freckles, a gap tooth or crazy wild hair. Things that aren’t seen on every Kate, Naomi and Miranda that shimmy down the runway. Things that we’re born with and sometimes believe we’re cursed with.

What we have to realise is that anyone can be blonde-haired, blue-eyed and boringly generic. True beauty comes from those who stand out in the crowd and express themselves in a way that is unique to the flock.

It’s about embracing your unique traits and turning them into the fuel in your tank. You know, really reigning them in to ensure that you mould yourself as a confident, unique individual with a license to be pretty amazeballs.

Check Sienna for a god dingin’ minute. Yeah sure she’s a wee bit cliched – she’s got the blonde ‘do, the Brit It vibe and the relationship scandal – but she’s also rocking a cute-t0-boot array of sun-kissed freckles, that take her from retouched generic pretty girl, to quirky hot in a nanosecond.

I admire her for putting these babies out on show, especially because a certain make-up artist bestie of mine constantly tells me of her frustrations with young freckled girls who demand six coats of their heaviest foundation to cover the too-cute spots. Her heart breaks a little everytime – and so does mine when she tells me of the tales. (But she keeps doing it to me, cruel or what?!)

Still not convinced? Even though Madge made it famous, check out what Jess Hart has done for the gap tooth. She single handedly turned my little sister (Pre-braces) from a closed-smiler to a cheesy-grinner. All of a sudden she was claiming the Jess-Hart-Gap like it was the new season Alexa tote – and i’ve personally never been prouder.










 Which quirk do you work?

Who is your most favourite slightly left-of-centre celeb?

Do you think SM is just another freckle fart from K-Mart? Uh, rude guys – ruuuude.