Do we need drama for our relationship to survive?

You may be gazing at Justin Bobby and Audrina, rolling your eyes and thinking either a) how the amount Audrina cried and moaned over JB was complete and utter bullocks and enough to make you want to stab your own eyes out or b) how she endured so much ridiculous behaviour from this guy that she herself started to look a little loopy. Either way – it made for great television.

Is that the shocking reality? Couples that go through the ups and downs do so because it’s far more interesting than gliding along smoothly? They would rather the make-up after the break-up than skip along merrily with next to no bumps in their road? Is that healthy?

I have a friend who is in one of these relationships. They fight almost everytime they go out, about nothing much really – but it’s almost like they enjoy the roller coaster ride that brings them both together at the end, sorry, and thankful to be together.

My question is, even though each time you make up you may get a renewed sense of appreciation that you still have the person around, is it really worth the heartache you go through mid-fight? The annoying messages and heightened tension? Not to mention the fact that you ruin the night for everyone in a 10 meter radius of you.

Is this kind of turbulent relationship a growing trend? A fuel for a fire that is destined to kind of fizzle out if things are left to run dead like a car battery? It makes me think that these fights are like shocks that bring a person back to life when they’re heart monitor runs flat. An attempt to breathe more life into the relationship.

Though, keep in mind, just like a shock – sometimes it can do more harm than good. You just never know when it might be one fight too many and then what will you do?

My advice? Cool it lady (or dude), and focus more on doing things together that will add excitement and fun into your relationship without that pinch of resent. Because each and everytime you fight over something pointless, it’s kind of like a little piece of your relationship is chipped away – and each time you do something new and riveting together it’s like another cherry put on top of your love cake.

– and don’t you love you some juicy cherries?






Do you find yourself causing fights sometimes because you’re bored?

Do you think we need drama in a relationship to survive?

Do you just whip out the karma sutra when you feel the need for a little spice?