It’s just one thing…

… that’s got me trippin’

and it’s not the fact that Jason Statham is one sexy mofo – and he and Rosie HW would make some seriously delicious-looking babies. No – as green-eyed monster as that makes me that’s not what has me all in a flurry…

It’s romance – and why it’s so important to find a partner in life that will embrace that, even when you’re old and saggy and your looks have all but faded.

I know I sound like the girl that wants everything, but what if i told you that that was my only relationship pre-requisite? That even though I have a very certain broad-shouldered, thick-necked type I prefer, I was willing to¬†sacrifice¬†that for a guy that would still take pleasure in taking me out for dinner and laying on the couch with me when I’m 60?

Finding a romantic guy isn’t easy though, let me tell you. It’s even harder than finding that amazing-looking Paul-Walker-esque guy you’ve been holding out all these years for. Because once you choose your partner, settle down, have a few babies, odds are he isn’t going to be too interested in wooing you and showing his romantic side – especially if he wasn’t that much of a swooner in the first few years. Looks are mattering to me less and less these days, and while I am still very much attracted to a certain type of guy, I’m finding myself holding other qualities in a higher regard. I’m more interested in MPG (my perfect guy) being sore-belly funny, independent and partial to a romantic gesture.

What I’ve learned from the relationships around me is that you can’t force a guy to be romantic, either he has it or he doesn’t. I know women who have given up in their relationships because their hubby would rather go surfing or down to the pub than spend quality time. I think these women have made misguided choices in their youth. They’ve chosen perhaps the popular, great-looking guys – and the shit thing is, as good as they may be when you’re in your 20s, what are you left with when the popularity peels away and his looks begin to fade?

My mother always told me that you should always be with a guy that adores you a little bit more than you do him. This isn’t a vulnerability thing. It’s simply that by personality, we women are (on the large part) fiercely loyal creatures. We are more likely to go out of our way to make the relationship work and to ensure the best is made out of any situation – that’s just how we’re programmed. A guy that isn’t romantic settles. He lets himself get fat, drink way too much beer and allows the relationship to fizzle out. I realise this is a large generalisation, but is true in many cases.

So, my question to you is – what is your most integral trait in a guy?






What qualities do you need from a man to ensure a 20-day fling spans 20 years?

On a scale of 1-10 how important are looks to you?

I realise RHW is god damn gorgeous okay – I just love the protective arm wrap so damn much!