Are we reading too much into it?

I don’t know if you know already, but we females have the tendency to read into things a little too much.

Shock, horror! I know, it sounds like crazy talk. But how many times have you read a message from that guy and caught yourself repeating it out loud in your chosen tone? Here’s a little home truth for you girls – 80 per cent of the time, I’d bet all my serums and scrubs that you’ve got it wrong.

Girls tend to add a dollop of emotion into everything we see, read, type or mentally intercept. Where as guys (and this is speaking generally, mind), don’t really put that much thought into it. We can get offended by a short and to-the-point message in a nanosecond, when really he isn’t into putting a ‘x’ at the end of every text – or writing an essay in reply to “how was your day?”

The difference between us is, in most situations girls tend to see a shade of grey (for e.g. “but what if by saying that he means this?”), guys see it as either black or white. If he says he doesn’t want anything serious, odds are he doesn’t. That doesn’t mean his mind can’t be changed, but in that point in time, believe you me, he means it. That reminds me of a story I heard the other day. A friend of mine started seeing a guy, when he asked her what she wanted for her birthday, which was a few days later, she insisted she wanted nothing, a night out with him was present enough. Fast forward to birthday date night, when my friend’s guy shows up with diddly squat by way of birthday present, my friend is supremely offended.

I know it sounds fairly trivial, but I can kind of understand my friend’s disappointment. I think this is where Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus really comes into play. Boys take whatever you say, very literally. You know how google doesn’t interpret sarcasm or slang? Yeah, well guys are kind of like that. There’s no room for game playing and mind mess. How was my friend’s guy supposed to know that in actual fact, she was totally relying on a gift from him to make her night? I suppose it’s fairly obvious, but then again – I’m a girl, and I don’t know exactly how the male mind works.

I think it comes back to the power of communication. I’m not saying you should tear your cards away from your chest and leave them all out on the table for him to see. Simply keep in mind that reverse psychology rarely is effective on the opposite sex. They call a spade a spade after all, so if you say you don’t want a gift from him or “nothing’s wrong babe” then odds are, baby – he’ll believe you.






Do you make up your own tone when you read a message from that guy?

Do you get easily offended by a short message?

Do you know that you’re bonkers and thinking too much into it lady? (Harsh but true.)