What’s your deal breaker?

In relationships, there are many things that we consider too much of a shit go to just simply get over.

It’s the one thing that we believe is the last straw, the ultimate betrayal – and the dealbreaker in our relationship.

For some it’s doing the nasty with someone else, for some it’s the un-fun kind of a push and a shove, and for others it’s just a kiss with someone who isn’t your love monkey. (Oh, and sometimes it’s long toe nails on dudes – that shit is definitely not okay – ever.)

Yep, in every union, there is one betrayal that is rendered as just too much to contend with. The straw that broke the camel’s back, something that makes you click and think, ‘that shit is just not cool.’

The issue we (especially as women) find ourselves facing, is our ability to be completely and utterly driven by these dealbreakers. As supremely emotional creatures, we often find ourselves making often irrational decisions because ‘he should know that wearing socks in the bedroom is just so out-of-this-world not okay that I can’t even see myself waiting until we’re done here to throw him out on his ass.’

Do you think sometimes we throw out the relationship (and possibly a guy that’s a keeper) over something too, well… small? I don’t mean his package, mind. If that is too, erm… petite, then that’s something you’ll have to deal with for a long time and won’t change, so power to you sister.

I’m not talking about a loving 5 year relationships either, I think those peeps have their relationship bugbears pretty much figured out by then. I’m talking about people who have had a few dates, and are in the delicious first stages of a relationship. Everything is new and fresh and you’re still finding out juicy details about each other – some, that you may not like, at all.

I must admit, sometimes things are more serious. What do you think about your guy kissing another girl? If it’s just a kiss, is it enough to end what you’ve got here? If he fesses up straight away is he redeemed? Is he kicked to the kerb no matter what?

I personally wouldn’t put up with infidelity. While I think an adhoc kiss can sometimes just happen – and I personally would rather not know about it – you know, if I really cared about the guy – I just couldn’t see myself being okay with it – I do think that anymore than that is my relationship deal breaker. It’s more than a slip-up, while more often than not a kiss means nothing, anything more than that certainly does – or at least it should, because you wouldn’t want to throw your whole relationship with a bang up girl down the shitter for no reason now would you?







What is your ultimate deal breaker? 

Have you got 99 problems but a bitch ‘aint one?