How-to: be the good time girl

Stop looking at the girls above for a second, oggling her chest and wondering why her Grey Goose has a red tinge to it…

We’re here to talk about MEN, and my question is… “So, you want to bag that guy right?”

That scrumptious little bag of fun with the curvy arms and the biteable lips? You’re drooling over him a little as we speak now aren’t you? (For god’s sake grab yourself a napkin girl, you’re not a Labrador pup.)

Well, here’s a wee word to the wise. Boys think girls are head cases… there I said it.

Yep, they think the hotter the girl, the crazier in the coconut.

… and a lot of the time, they’re right… Want to know why?

Girls, especially really mega hot girls think like this, “Ooh hot guy. He’ll definitely spy me and be over in a second. Yep here he comes. Oop, he walked straight past me? WHAT THE FUCK? Doesn’t he see how amazing I am? Okay pretty boy, it’s now my life’s mission to make you realise how much you want me, consider your life hijacked and your Facebook page raped from rigggghhhhttttt NOW.”

“Woah, hold on sweetheart, all he did was look down the road to help the kid that had just fallen, and now all of a sudden he has a stage five clinger! Do you see where i’m going with this? The less interest a guy shows, the crazier the hot headcase girls gets. It’s fact, like a full on scientific equation or something.

The upside about what I’m telling you? Is only half the guys sacrifice their sanity for the crazies. The girls that are just too hot to let go, no matter how much insanity and crazy clinginess seeps from their perfect pores. Half is good, trust me, boys can be as shallow as a wee-infested kiddies pool.

You can only imagine what these guys feel like when they come across an absolute babe and discover that not only is she not crazy, but she doesn’t actually care if he shows the slightest bit of interest? She doesn’t need his affection to secure her confidence – and that’s about the hottest trait out.

So, ladies. You’re reading this blog so I know you’re gorgeous, intelligent and seemingly poised mounds of perfection, and you don’t have (or need) the crazy gene – so my advice to you is to literally be the good time girl in his eyes, by actually becoming a girl that has a good time. That doesn’t (necessarily) mean more booze, it means filling your life with fulfilling activities, good friends, and good times, so that you seep something way more enticing than just a head full of blonde hair and a pair of pouty lips, because though they may pull them in, their degree of crazy isn’t going to help them become a keeper. Just sayin’.

Do the things that he wants to do, and take the time to understand them so that you can enjoy them too. Things like footy, cricket and seedy pub crawling – and even come up with a few on your own. He’ll be impressed with your ability to stand on your own two feet and not fall into his shadow like some of the other no-brainers (literally speaking) that he’s dallied with in his time.

My only other piece of advice? Be spontaneous, keep it interesting. Don’t ever deliver the line that he expects you to. If you know he thinks you’ll say no, give him a yes and watch his confused face light up, if you only do it for that reason alone then it’s still definitely worth it. If you gave your dog a treat at the same time everyday he’d pretty much get over putting any effort in wouldn’t he? You ever tried surprising your pup with a random treat? Something he didn’t see coming? Do you remember the reaction?

Dog’s are man’s best friend. I rest my case.






Why do you think it’s important to be a good time girl?

How do you get your man to do what you want?

You’re the girl in that frat party picture aren’t you?