They call you Snoop Dogg.

Okay so you may not be a rapper.

You may not sport pigtailed dreads.

… and you may not be a black dude. Or you might, whatever.

I nicked the above image of Snoop because hey, I wanted to lighten the mood surrounding this whole ‘snooping’ malarky. It’s becoming a bit of an issue you know.

After a quick natter with a few good girlfriends on the subject, I was really interested to hear when and where is a good time for such breaches of privacy to occur. I must say, I was somewhat surprised by the results.

One girl said that she only did it in the very beginning of a fling with a new fella, you know, before the ‘exclusive’ chat had come around. She claimed that for reasons relating to cleanliness and her having no desire to contract Chlamydia, she wanted to know if he was hitting up any other girls – and this was a way for her to find out without seeming vulnerable so early on in the dalliance.

Another girlfriend said that occasionally she has a peep through her man’s phone, just like she’s performing a bi-monthly general upkeep to make sure he’s behaving himself. I don’t really know why there’s a need.

One thing I have learned from my experience with couples that snoop – is that that integral level of trust is missing. Obviously – I’m not trying to pull conclusions from the toilet here, but when the trust is that bad, that you don’t think it can be solved with a conversation, odds are there is something to be worried about.

Girls especially have a handy little weapon up our sleeves – it’s called women’s intuition – and in my experience, if you think there’s something worth finding out about, that is, if you feel the need to go snooping for something, odds are, there’s something to find.

Then there’s little old me. I feel like I should probably divulge my own snooping sins while I sit here coaching you on the ins and outs of such a treacherous activity. I’m not proud to admit that I’m guilty of snooping – just one time. I didn’t want to, I even felt sick for most of the time, scrolling through, reading words that were never intended for my eyes. What I can confirm is that I found exactly what I was looking for that night, and most of the time when you go for a snoop – you do.

Not a great article to put an end to privacy-busting activity is it?

Fo shizl ma nizl.


Have you been guilty of snooping?

Did you find exactly what you were looking for?

Did you get busted snooping? That would SUCK.